FAQ - OnSightPhotographic

Frequently Asked Questions

1/ “How much do you charge?”

This depends on the time the job requires and to a lesser degree its complexity (lighting, etc). But my fees are very reasonable - all of the clients I’ve worked for have turned into regular customers or have recommended me to others.

2/ “What sort of work do you specialise in?”

Mainly events and portraiture.

Events include conferences, awards nights, City dinners, weddings, theatre rehearsals, children’s parties…

Portraiture ranges from corporate headshots and team shots to families.

3/ “Where do you shoot portraiture?”

That's entirely up to you! We can shoot outside, but inside you can control the light better. I have a mobile studio here in Kingston (the cheapest option), but often set one up in offices, usually a meeting room.

If more space is required we can also hire a studio.

For any other questions, feel free to give me a call for a chat or drop me a line! Click here to get started.

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