Testimonials - OnSightPhotographic


"Oh Andrew, you have surpassed yourself.

I actually got quite emotional during first perusal - first time I've cried in a couple of years!  Epic storytelling, better than anything I expected.

Loved the natural shots, and nothing too cheesy - you can put all this in your 'testimonials' section ;) "

From Kris Griffiths of Cambridge, on receiving his wedding photos.

"Hi Andy, Just a quick note to say a massive thank you for a wonderful job on these photos; there's such a great selection that we both believe captured the moment so well.

Pen and I are sitting on the balcony of our room in Sorrento looking at them and we are thrilled.

My wife has had to fight back a few tears of joy! Good feedback if ever I heard it!"

Jason Hughes, of Kingston upon Thames, on receiving his wedding photos while on honeymoon.

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